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Live 20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2022 To Watch Live Sports Online

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: No one gets the time to actually use the TV to watch live sports anymore as the timings always clash with work, classes, or leisurely outings with peers. However, the last thing a sports buff wants to do is miss out on a nail-biting match.

What about those nights when Bayern Munich is playing but the match starts at 2:30 AM? Are you going to trudge out of bed at this hour? How is a football fanatic supposed to support his team? The quintessential solution has been found: live sports streaming websites. These are specially dedicated websites for online sports streaming. A simple search on the internet will get you a list of hundreds of sports streaming sites and services where you can watch live sports without registration.

free Sports Streaming Sites

Instead of using any random streaming sports live online, we will recommend you to use the sports streaming sites list we have prepared. It doesn’t matter what type of sports you like, you can always use the websites listed here on this page. We will keep this list updated with the latest working sports streaming sites so you can always keep watching live sports matches without any interruptions. Most of the websites are free, so don’t worry about the charges as well.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best football streaming sites that can be used by people all around the world. It doesn’t matter what type of sports you want to stream live, you can always use the websites mentioned on this page.

Remember that some sports streaming websites might ask you to register yourself on them to enjoy some extra features like creating a playlist, saving sports in your account for faster access, conversation with other community members, and many more. So don’t waste more time and start reading about the best sports streaming sites.

What Are Live Sports Streaming Sites?

Live sport streaming websites are just places where live matches are broadcasted digitally from all the different parts of the globe. These sites are basically a conglomeration of events happening worldwide, at this very instant, that are made available to the viewer as and per their wish.

We will give you a list of the sites that can be used for this purpose, in a ranked order for your benefit. These new streaming sites have only been gaining more and more popularity on the way and they are becoming exceedingly popular among the general public, who are growing more aware of their features.

Are Sports Streaming Websites Free or Do You Have To Pay For Them?

Some content is free for all, while some have to be paid for. Most websites that fall under the ownership of larger corporations have content that needs to be paid for.

Most multisport aggregator platforms, however, let you stream for free while generating ad revenue from the ad pop-ups and banners they show as you watch the match, promoting their products.

This is how the relationship is mutually beneficial for both the site owners and the viewer. We will recommend you support free sports streaming sites so they can use the revenue in optimizing the streaming services.

List Of Top Sports Streaming Sites 2022

Here is the list of sites to watch sports online for free:

1. VIP League
2. Sport Lemon
3. Stream Hunter
4. BossCast
5. FromHot
6. Laola1
7. StreamWoop
8. ITV Sport
9. CricFree
10. BBC iPlayer
11. VIP Box
12. Stream Sports
12.5. Peacock TV
14. Fox Sports Go
15. Stream2Watch
16. ESPN Plus
17. CBS Sports
18. SonyLIV
19. FanCode
20. Hotstar

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Top 20+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites | Watch Live Sports Online Free

VIP League

On VIP League, you can watch everything from Formula 1 Racing, Moto GP, Tennis, Hockey, and so on. The list is endless. The best part about it all? You require no registration and no subscription, to access their directory of sports.

A very great option for beginners, who are just starting to dip their toe in the waters of live sport streaming websites. This website is available on many domain extensions but not all of them are safe to use.

Some domains might be blocked in your country, so you can use a VPN to access that. We have listed unblocked VIP League website domain that can be accessed from anywhere.

Sport Lemon

Sport Lemon TV is regarded as a prominent 21st century streaming tool. It not only provides top notch 3D and HD effects, but also sublime visual functions.

Sport Lemon TV also gives you the option of toggling between various languages, and you can choose one as per your preference. It has a wide array of sport options available too- from football´s Premier League to the Bundesliga, from tennis´ Wimbledon to the French Open.

The layout of this website is very simple and information about every sport is available on the menu bar. You can also visit the homepage to check live and upcoming live sports streams.

Stream Hunter

Stream Hunter is a flexible streaming service that allows you to watch sports live streams in perfect quality right from your mobile or laptop. It is a stream aggregator website which means they collect sport videos streaming on the internet and present them in a classified catalogue on their website.

The only downside to Stream Hunter is that they have a lot of ads on display and sometimes, these pop-up ads can become a hindrance and cause your match to buffer or lag. You might not have heard about this website but you should definitely visit Stream Hunter once to find all of the sports streaming options it offers.


BossCast, just like its name, is quite literally, the boss of streaming. It offers to stream sports from all influential channels like ESPN, Euro Sport, Euro Sport 2, CBS, etc.

It is especially known for its National Basketball Association (NBA) streams. These matches with five players on each side, one ball and two baskets, can be quite thrilling to watch and are popular not only in the United States of America, but east of the Atlantic Ocean too. BossCast’s interface can be a bit difficult to use initially, but one gets better with time at it.


FromHot is a sports directory and IPTV website that provides links to valuable content across the web. Apart from its massive sport coverage, you will be amazed at the HD resolution it offers.

You will also find a bunch of movies and TV shows for free here. The site has ads and thus might not be safe from adware, but much of the trouble can be avoided by using ad blockers. Separate sport related Highlight reels are also available on this website, allowing you to still get updated on the main action if you do not have the time to watch the entire match.


Laola1 was developed in Austria with headquarters in Vienna, with both a national and an international feed. In 2008, it became the world’s first mobile sports channel, which was a great honour.

It was available then via DVB-H in association with Vodafone Live, Orange and Hutchinson 3G. When Laola1 streamed the coveted European Badminton Championships, it gained worldwide recognition and its popularity has only skyrocketed since then.


StreamWoop is a website that emphasises upon user experience. It keeps the ads minimal and provides viewers a clean, royal feel with its red, black and blue colour scheme combined with its well designed menus. Small windows with details about each fixture allow you to check the score and proceedings on the homepage itself.

It is also one of the only websites that allows you to set reminders for upcoming matches, so you do not miss out on content you wish to partake in. However, you do have to create an account to stream and unlock these features, unlike the other websites mentioned above.

ITV Sport

ITV Sport is owned by the reputed label of ITV, and it was formed after a merger between Granada Sport and Central Sport. It only caters to United Kingdom and other European viewers, with everything from horse racing to golf, rugby and tennis tournaments available for live watching on their website.

ITV Sport also indulges in sport related news articles and has a wide index of these available for readers too, that have a keen eye and are interested in keeping up with this dynamic industry.


CricFree comes with an easy and intuitive interface with simple tabs at the apex of the site to display an array of various sports. The most unique and enjoyable part of this website is that unlike its name, it does not only cater to the streaming wishes of cricket lovers.

You get to have a personalised chat section where you can connect with different people in different nooks and crannies, watching the same game as you. Best of all, CricFree offers all these features without the hassle of creating an account or having to register.

BBC iPlayer

Out of all the sites mentioned so far, BBC iPlayer is probably the most diverse. It offers everything from television and radio shows, movies to sports streaming. Owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), it is quite a robust player in the streaming business. Since BBC is a UK based company, it provides special features to these European viewers on its iPlayer app, like no commercial advertising.

The languages available to stream in are English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic and Irish. You will have to create an account on this website or subscribe to one of its paid plans to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.


VIP Box is an outstanding sports streaming website. Its catalogue includes events such as the NFL, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, and so on. Whatever you want to watch, VIP Box has a link to the channel that is streaming it live.

The most distinctive feature of this site is the trivia quizzes it provides. From Andy Murray’s first winning match to the date of the NBA inception, the questions asked will boggle even professional sport players and experts. You can always visit the homepage of this website to select another sport or to start streaming your sports from beginning with a new server.

Stream Sports

Stream Sports provides multi-camera, HD live broadcasting for virtually any event. They specialise in sports broadcast as all production staff and employees come from sports backgrounds and are trained specifically to film sports.

The site uses top of the line equipment to provide optimal viewing angles and the sharpest video quality to film games. One can broadcast straight from their Team or Event webpage, or from the Stream Sports Web Broadcasting platform. However, this website does not work in all time zones. One might need to install a VPN in order to watch games as per their schedule and wish.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an American streaming service similar to Netflix, HBO Max and Hulu. Peacock TV is under the subsidiary of NBC Studios, an American Company. It has premium shows and movies as well as next day access to shows that broadcasted the nigh before on NBC. In the sports section, you get live sports talk shows such as Pro Football Talk, The Dan Patrick Show, and the Rich Eisen Show.

This is how one can enjoy latest NFL news with Pro Football Talk, exceptional interviews with Dan Patrick along with a pinch of humour and pop culture that comes as part of the package with the Rich Eisen Show. Upgrade to Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus at 5$ and 10$ respectively, to unlock a whole new world of exclusive content, if you are not satisfied with just the free content.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go (FSGO) is the video streaming service of Fox Sports Networks. It is a free app that comes with a subscription to streaming service providers such as AT & T, YouTube TV, etc. That means it is not a standalone streaming platform, but an add-on. A variety of live TV shows, replays and highlights will be available at your disposal so you can catch all your favourite sporting action.

The only catch is that, the games you have access to depends on your location, as the app is tailored to the Fox Regional Sports Network, so you might not have every channel available. Features like simultaneous connections and cloud DVR storage depend on the streaming provider you choose, which implies costs vary too. Either way, its a win-win situation.


Stream2Watch has a number of server sources so that in case one is not working or fails to stream the desired sports activity, you can select from the other options available, to remove any obstruction in your entertainment.

The live sports are on the front page, highlighted in orange while games that are yet to begin are at the bottom in grey text. The streams are the familiar YouTube like Flash based video format. Even though there are a few ads, it does not hinder the stream quality. Therefore, in the arena of reliability, Stream2Watch is a pretty decent option.


ESPN Plus is the new streaming option from the Disney owned sports network. The pros imclude an eclectic selection of sports, HD streams, exclusive content from now included with the subscription along with an inexpensive price tag, The cons include little appeal for pro football and basketball fans, a cluttered search interface and no reminder setting option for upcoming games.

Should ESPN Plus’ slate of sports intrigue you, you can expect a pretty solid viewing experience, once you navigate your way through a fairly cluttered menu to find the exact sport that interests you. There is also a picture in picture feature that lets you peruse other areas of the app while watching a game. You livestream shrinks to a little window in the corner, freeing you up to check scores and news. Overall, ESPN Plus is definitely off to a promising start.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a division of CBS Studios, an American organisation. The app integrates CBS News HQ into their news wall, allowing you to navigate through to your favourite team’s blog with local and national sports stories. Visual presentation of page and content is excellent. The ability to easily see scores from multiple games in a grid format is also very useful.

There are not a lot of distractions on the app with the exception of a few banner ads. There is also an additional option to cast CBS Sports on demand and live video to your TV, while controlling video playback and volume directly from the app. You can even go on to customise and personalise news. Standings for every league, including college team rankings, are present.


SonyLIV is a video-on-demand service that originated in India but has a presence across 167 countries with a reach of 700 million viewers in India alone. It offers not only a platter of sports livestreams, but also TV shows and movies.

Most TV shows are free to watch, albeit ad supported. However, the lack of player options and the ability to change video quality are major disadvantages when compared to other rival services. Also, due to licensing restrictions, the range of movies offered is nowhere near comparison to other more expensive players in the market such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu, etc.

The meagre price SonyLIV offers its services at (INR 499 for the annual subscription) is the real advantage that gives SonyLIV an edge over other sites or apps. Moreover, some premium content is exclusively available on SonyLIV in India, making it all the more enticing.


Dream11, one of India’s top fantasy gaming services provider, launched FanCode, a multi sport aggregator platform, in April 2019. FanCode rose to imminent fame in 2020, after it started streaming the Indian Premier League on its app.

With a characteristic black, white and orange interface, the FanCode app is extremely easy to use with tabs such as News, Schedules (of different tournaments across the world), Videos and Shop, all displayed on the front page itself. The Shop tab allows you to buy custom merchandise of various sporting teams.

There is a live blog and tweet counter as well, which adds all the more flavour to the already thrilling matches. To watch international events, you might need to a buy a pass worth INR 5 for each match.

Each tournament tab has expert analysis, predictions along with player statistics and team comparisons. All in all, FanCode is one such place where you can find concise and crisp information, all in one spot. A must have for sports fanatics.


Hotstar’s sport assortment is nothing short of phenomenal. While catering to the mainstream sports niche, Hotstar also provides the luxury of watching regional sporting tournaments along with less popular sport options, like kabaddi, wrestling, martial arts and e-sports.

Very few popular websites offer the service to watch varied E-Sporting events that take place across the planet. Scorecards, highlights, player interviews, etc will all be at the tips of your fingers with Hotstar. Cricket matches are almost always available on the free tier, and you need not even pay the subscription amount for it.

In addition to all this, Hotstar sends you custom commentary notifications, even when you are not watching the game, to keep you all caught up with the action! It does not get any better than this. Hotstar easily deserves the first place it occupies in this list. With how streaming has revolutionized the world of sports, its likely to stick around for a while.

You need not bother with the general cable TV setup any longer, as all you need to enter the ever enthralling world of sports is already present in your purse or pocket. Missed a game? Want a highlight reel? Want expert predictions for tomorrow’s World Cup match? These sports streaming sites are the one stop solution to all your problems. It will save you more money in the long run too, all while making it extremely convenient to watch anything you want, any time.

FAQs Related To Free Sports Streaming Sites

Do Online Sports Streaming Sites Require Registration?

Some live sport streaming websites do require registration, but some do not. Usually, sites owned by larger parent organizations will be the only ones asking you to sign up and create an account, as they want you to take a premium membership to view their content directory.

Usually sites that just aggregate streaming links from different parts of the internet do not ask you to sign up, create an account or fulfil any other formalities of this sort. Signing up will just enable you to enjoy extra services that can be helpful in your online sports streaming experience.

Can You Watch Matches Online So Easily?

Yes! You can. Which is exactly why everyone should use them and have a list of these resources ready at their disposal. People usually tend to miss out on their recreation time, being so warped up in their busy schedules and daily life.

This is where these streaming sites come into play, making it easier for every person to indulge in their interests and hobbies, all for free or minimal costs. Before using any website, make sure you are not submitting any personal or banking information and that is just to keep your confidential information safe from hackers.

Are Free Streaming Sites Sports Safe?

Yes, they are. No potential malware or threats will be found on using the list of sites given below. To be extra cautious, you can use anti virus software or ad blockers, if the ads are redirecting you to unknown, potentially harmful links.

This will ensure that your device, be it your mobile or desktop, remains safe from all threats, all the time. You can enjoy yourself now without having to fret about infecting your device with viruses and relax while taking a break from your usual busy schedules. If you want to increase a layer of security, then you can consider using a VPN while using such sites.

Is There Any Legal Sports Streaming Sites?

These sites can be associated with a prominent sports network, or they can also be owned independently. So yes, most of them are legal and are under an established company or LLC. They generate their ad revenue via honest sources, and do not infiltrate your device with viruses or charge you extra fees without due notice.

You can rest assured that these sites are of the topmost quality, curated just for your convenience. Also, look at the “HTTPS” in the URL as it represents the authenticity and safety of the website. We have listed only safe and legal sports streaming sites on this page.

Final Words

So these were some of the best free live sports streaming sites and we hope you have found what you were looking for. There are tens and hundreds of online sports streaming sites available out there but the websites listed here are 100% legal sports streaming sites that can be used without any worries.

We will keep this post updated with more sports streaming sites free no sign up, so keep visiting inframatics to know about them. If you are facing any issues in using any top free sports streaming sites listed here or you have any questions regarding best sports streaming sites then you can ask us about it via the comments below.

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