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Terrible Earthquake in Afghanistan Magnitude 6.1, 1000 People Died

Today early morning an earthquake shaken in Afghanistan, whose magnitude 6.1 on the Richter scale. According to Afghanistan govt. 920 people died and 600 people are likely to be injured due to this earthquake. According to U.S. Geological Survey (USGC) report the earthquake struck 44 KM from Khost, near Pakistan border. EMSC, an European seismological agency said the earthquake was felt over 500 KM across Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Earthquake in Afghanistan

Salahuddin Ayubi confirmed that most of the deaths were in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika, where 255 people died and 200 were injured. 25 people of Khost province died and 90 taken to the hospital. The state-run Bakhtar news agency reported govt has launched a rescue operation by disaster management team with helicopter. Abdul Wahid Rayan, director-general of the news agency twitted 90 houses are fully destroyed in Paktika many people are trapped under the rubble.

This massive destruction was reported by Bakhtar, Afghanistan’s news agency. According to the agency, rescuers were able to reach the area via helicopter. Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesperson for the Taliban government said that there was a severe earthquake in four districts of Paktika province. This has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people and the destruction of dozens of homes. To prevent further destruction, we ask all support agencies to send teams to the affected area.

According to Afghan media, images of severe devastation are being released from Khost. One person has been reported dead in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. According to reports, the earthquake caused the roof to collapse, and the victim died. The earthquake took place at 1:54 AM Pakistani Time. Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore felt the earthquake, as well as other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan and India.

Many areas in Afghanistan were destroyed by the earthquake, according to images. According to the European Earthquake Center, the earthquake felt over an area of approximately 500km. People panicked after the earthquake and began to walk on the streets. On Friday, a magnitude 5 earthquake struck several cities in Pakistan.

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