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Some Amazing Snapchat Tips Tricks Tutorial For You in 2022

In this huge platform of Internet different types of social networking
apps came up in last few years. Some of the sites are popular for their
messaging facilities and some are for their status, DP, Photo filters etc.
features. But among all these social networking apps snapchat is
recommended as one of the best and successful social networking app.
Snapchat comes loaded with different types of features which just
elevates the feel of communication with other users. The app mainly
focuses on sharing stories and photo filters which stay for few minutes
and disappears automatically.

Snapchat un-doubtfully has millions of users enjoying the unique
features that it has, but making some tweaks on your snapchat can

make it more interesting. So today, we will be discussing on some of
the useful tips and tricks and tutorials of Snapchat which many are not
aware of. These Snapchat tricks will just elevate the feel of using this
amazing app. So, without doing any further delay let’s jump straight on
the Snapchat tips and tricks.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials for Snapchat:

There are lots of Snapchat tricks Android. Those tricks have been
provided below. Check them out.

Save your Mobile Data While Using Snapchat:
Social networking apps like Instagram, Snapchat uses the maximum
amount of data as many users upload their photos & videos on this
app. But there is a way which can help you to save your mobile data
while you are using snapchat. By using the travel Mode you can save
your data. This feature by default will be disabled so you have to go to
the settings and enable it. Once you enable the feature no snap will
automatically load which will ultimately help you to save your data. The
procedure to enable this feature is very easy for that you have to go to
your snapchat settings &;then to manage (additional service) &; now on
the travel mode option. It is that simple so use this feature and utilize
the maximum of your data.

Replying to any Snapchat Stories:

Snapchat is well known for their stories which appear for an interval of
time and disappears automatically. But do you know you can reply to
those stories? For example, your friend has posted a snap and you want
to reply on that. You can actually reply to that snap or you can even add
a photo on the reply. To do that you have to tap the plus icon which will
be situated at the bottom left corner and type your desired messages
or photos. This is one of the basic things which many are not aware of.
So try it. This is one of the best Snapchat tricks

Restoring of any Old Snapchat Lenses:

  • On 2015 September, Snapchat had introduced a feature which was
    lenses into action. With the help of this feature, the users could easily
    customize their photos, which would give them their desired looks.
    Some of the lenses were available for free and for some you have to
    pay. But on 2016 January snapchat stopped this feature due to lots of
    bugs. Now the question is, there are many who want to get back those
    lenses. So if you too among those who want those lenses back then you
    have to do some minor changes on your snapchat app like you have to
    change your systems time before January 2016. This will easily let you
    gain access to those amazing lenses again.
  • For the Android users – Setting & date and time & uncheck
    ‘Automatic date and time.
  • For the IOS users- Settings & then go to general & then to Date
    and time & turn off ‘set automatically’.
  • N:b; manually you can Recover Deleted Snapchat Data & Messages also.

    Verification on Two Steps for Snapchat:

Security is one of the primary things which everyone should take care
of. There are many who does not pay much attention in this region.
Remember your snapchat account contain all your personal photos and
information. By using this trick you can extend the security of your
snapchat account. This two-step verification process is very advanced
and easy to use. Once you enable this system you will have to undergo
two steps. First, you have to enter your Snapchat the username & the
password and then the system will ask you to give the verification code
which snapchat system will send on your phone number. This is how
the snapchat system gets more advanced and secured. Quite a unique
Snapchat Tutorial, right? There are more down below.

Using Special Kind of Texts:

There are many who love to type caption on top of snap but the
problem is that the caption type is same. What if anyone wants to
overlay their snap with large emojis and texts. So to sort out this
problem we have come out with a trick which can help you with this
problem. So to use this trick you have to tap the letter T on the pencil
icon which will be situated at the top right corner of the snap draft.
Now try writing a new snap you will see your letters will be bold and
big. This is one of the easiest and the simplest Snapchat trick.
Adding Friends without Contact Information:

What we normally do to find friends at Snapchat we give their
information’s like username scan the QR code. But sometimes it really
gets very difficult especially for those who are new to the app as the
user do not get any stories or notification. There is a feature by
snapchat which is known as Add nearby which many are not aware of.
This feature lets you find and add new peoples near your locality
without using any QR code or any contact information. To use this you
have to simply sign up and tap on the option add friends and then you
can select your desired friends you want.


So these were some of the tricks, tips, and tutorials of snapchat which
you should be aware of. These tricks, tips, and tutorial will help you to
get more out of this amazing app. There are many who are using this
tips and tricks, now it is your time to use this tips and tricks. Here we
have also mentioned how you can utilize these tricks to use them. So
start using these now.

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